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Hardwood Flooring Basics

If you are looking for a great looking, easy to clean floor, Hardwood is a very good choice, but first you a few choices to make.
  • Width of plank
  • Type of edge
  • Type of Coating
  • Engineered Wood or ¾ Plank
  • Unfinished or Pre-Finished
  • Wood Species, such as Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Hickory and so forth
  • Light or Dark

Let our In Home Designer help you with all of these decisions and together you can find the right Hardwood Floor to fit your room and your budget.

Here are a few Tips when thinking about your Hardwood Floor:

Pre-Finished or Unfinished

Pre-Finished Hardwood Floors, as the name implies, come ready to be installed. The manufacturer has already sanded, stained and finished the wood which means a harder and better-protected surface…it’s like a car being painted at the factory instead of the shop.
Manufacturers of pre-finished wood floors have developed sophisticated techniques to apply durable urethane-based finishes at the factory. By using ultraviolet lights, factories can apply several coats of urethane within minutes. As a result, pre-finished hardwood floors have become more affordable and easier to maintain.
Hardwood floor manufacturers have also begun adding small chips aluminum oxide directly to the floor’s finish, dramatically increasing the lifespan of the urethane finish.
Pre-finished floors offer more choices of wood and can save hours of labor and cleanup. But unfinished wood floors offer you the ability to truly customize your floor. If you choose an unfinished hardwood floor, maybe because you need to match an existing trim, then a job-site finish is your only option. In this scenario, you begin with a bare floor that is sanded, stained and finished right before your eyes (if you decide to watch, of course).
The advantage of a job-site finish is that you can customize the heights between planks (to ensure they’re even), the color and the placement. The disadvantage is the mess — and the fact that the process can take several days or weeks!
Keep in mind that Pre-finished floors come with an extended factory finish warranty, and unfinished floors do not.

Not for the Basement

Where do you plan to install your hardwood floor? There are limitations, you know — especially with ¾” thick solid wood floors, which are susceptible to moisture and therefore not a good idea for concrete slabs or basements or anyplace else where there is lots of moisture.

Species and Cut

Some of the more common species of Hardwood Flooring are red oak, white oak, maple, cherry, white ash, hickory and pecan. Each species has its own unique graining and texture. However, the graining on the boards is the result of how it was cut.
There are two cutting processes. Sliced Cut, shows a more uniform pattern and Rotary Cut, features a larger and bolder pattern.

Types of Edges

Harwood floors come in three edge styles Square, Beveled, and “Eased” Beveled. Manufacturers can produce beveled edge planks faster than square edge planks, which lowers their production costs — a savings they can pass on to the buyer. In addition, a beveled edge floor can be more forgiving when installed over irregular subfloors and uneven plank heights.
Here are the cross sections:
Hardwood Floors Oak Park MI - Carpet, Flooring, In Home Carpet, Carpet Installation - Impressive Floors - square_edgeSquare Edge -Edges of all strips or planks meet squarely, creating a uniform smooth surface that blends the floor together from board to board. The result is a contemporary and formal look.
Hardwood Floors Oak Park MI - Carpet, Flooring, In Home Carpet, Carpet Installation - Impressive Floors - beveled_edgeBeveled Edge - Strips or planks with a very distinctive groove, as seen in an informal or country décor. Urethane finishes allow these edges to be completely sealed, allowing dirt to be easily swept or vacuumed out of the grooves.
Hardwood Floors Oak Park MI - Carpet, Flooring, In Home Carpet, Carpet Installation - Impressive Floors - eased_edgeEased Edge - Each board is slightly beveled to help hide minor irregularities, including uneven plank heights. Bevel may be added to length as well as joints.

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